Share your position at the time.

Save yourself time.

When have an appointment with someone, leaving active pona, they will know that you're out and how long time you need to come.
You will save write or call, and / or indicate that arrive late or soon.

Publish your position

You can post your position to face with contacts that do not have application, web..
From web publishing will be able to write and receive Mobile! you can answer them!
From your mobil can cancell the publication and no longer will be able to access your position.

Save your positions

From you could find positions by day and time.
Ideal for activities in motion, compare times, arrival times, visited areas ..

Join you

We will send a notification if a your contact nearby.
Sets the distance warns that alert you want.

You control

Always control who can see your position and when.
Group your contacts and easily see or not to allow your position.
You can indicate the accuracy of your position to keep it safe and save data consumption mobiles
You can record your positions off-line, and send when you have available wifi

Sound notifications

Send sound notification, so no need to take the mobile to know that you mean them, they will be able to interpret the notification sound.
You can also have conversations with your contacts!

Free app!

Grups p˙blics per a asociacions

All online
If you are an association linked to the movement, bikers, cyclists, friends to go .. You are interested.
We help find you even publish the map.
Manage the group, if it is visible, you need permission to join or not ..
Rest assured that all members are where they are, get organized or Meet with them ...
Contact with all group members at once. Post interesting information for the group as an administrator of this.
agility and simplicity
For events, make sure that everyone is in place.
Have an insight into the map of the placement of all members.

Business services

Customer service
Create services for companies linked to the movement.
Create a service, assign a worker, the worker will receive a notification on your phone, and activate the service, the customer will receive their position
Peace of mind for everyone, for business, customers and employees.
Everyone wins, everyone can use to better manage your time.
Better management
Registration of services and distances made, See it on the web.
All movements in the service.
Rapid integration services in the enterprise, economic.
Rapid integration services in the enterprise, economic.

Download application free.!

Help you to join with yours.

for a world with less whatsapp messages, and most unexpected visits.